London houses will have smaller windows

Residential developments in London will have to be fitted with windows up to 60% smaller than in other parts of the UK to comply with proposed new regulations to control overheating in new homes.

The measures are included in a consultation document for new building regulations launched last week and will apply to all new homes and residential institutions.

Government investigation has revealed that most new homes will overheat during hot summers and the problem will be particularly severe in London due to higher temperatures than in other parts of the country.

The draft regulation proposes that new London homes equipped with windows on opposite facades cannot have a window area greater than 13% of the floor area. Similar houses built in other parts of England will be allowed to have a window area of up to 21% of the floor area.

External shutters, overhangs or high performance solar control glass will also be mandatory in London on the south, east and west elevations of a development to control solar gain.

Homes will also need to include an unrestricted ventilation area equivalent or greater than the glazing area to remove excess summer heat.

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