London and Birmingham are emerging strongly from the impact of the pandemic

These areas are shaking off pandemic woes but materials and labour worries remain, a survey by Rider Levett Bucknall has found.

It said demand was doing well in most sectors but access to labour and supply of materials are the number one concern for industry.

RLB’s Birmingham office reported that “affordability and availability of certain materials has replaced covid-uncertainty as the main consideration for projects on-hold… For contractors’ and sub-contractors’ pricing of materials price increases, both London and Birmingham confirm that pass-through of these additional input costs, on to tendered prices, is at a high level… In the context of labour, the concern is more in relation to absolute availability of labour in particular trades” It predicted that there will be more repurposing of offices in the future as firms look to revamp existing space into better quality, less densely populated areas for working.

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