Green light to world’s first timber stadium

The English Football League has given the green light for Forest Green Rovers to build the world’s first all-wooden football stadium.

Last week, the governing body approved an environmentally conscious and “100% vegan” Gloucestershire Football Club’s proposal to move it into the 5,000-seat wooden floor stadium designed by Zaha Hadid.

In June 2019, the Planning Committee of the Stroud District Council rejected the plan due to noise, traffic, and environmental impact.

The proposal were subsequently changed. The changes included replacing the grass pitch with an all-weather grass pitch, allowing local clubs, revising the landscaping strategy, increasing match day transport, and clarifying noise.

The redesigned plan was approved by the same planning committee later in the same year.

Forest Green Rovers has been stationed in Nailsworth’s new lawn stadium since 2006. After Vince acquired the club in 2010, the venue received a series of green upgrades, including solar panels, a solar-powered robot grass mower and the world’s first organic football field.

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