Draft recovery plan for Scottish industry released

Scottish construction needs urgent steps to establish a clear pipeline of work and more working practices that raise productivity as well as keeping workers safe, according to a new plan.

The Scottish Construction Leadership Forum (CLF), a group established by sector leadership group Construction Scotland and the Scottish Government, has released a draft plan for the industry’s recovery, on which it is asking for feedback.

During the coronavirus emergency, the majority of Scotland’s construction sites were shut down completely prior to a phased reopening that began in mid-May.

According to the CLF, activity in Scotland’s construction sector during June was still 28.6 per cent lower than a year before.

The draft plan calls for urgent steps to establish:

  • A clear pipeline of work on fair commercial terms
  • Support for continued employment as well as people left unemployed by the crisis
  • Working practices that protect worker safety but raise productivity

The draft is due to be revised after an initial feedback phase closes on 15 September.