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Skanska confirmed for Birmingham rail bridge

Job for Network Rail set to help pave way for HS2 route into city centre

Skanska has been confirmed to build a £52m replacement bridge for Network Rail in Birmingham which will eventually pave the way for the HS2 route into the city.

The firm, which is currently looking at making up to 70 people redundant from its Hertfordshire head office, has already been carrying out design and enabling works, worth £14m, for the scheme on the local Stechford to Aston stretch of the railway.

An existing bridge, comprising eight masonry arches and a central steelwork span, will be demolished and will be replaced with a 92m-span steel structure.

The new bridge is due to be finished by September 2022.

UK and EU strike Brexit trade deal

CLC chair hails news and says agreement will bring ‘certainty at a time when it is needed most’

The UK and EU finally agreed a post-Brexit trade deal this afternoon, ending months of negotiations over fishing rights and future business rules.

Today’s agreement comes just over a week before the UK officially leaves the bloc when its transition period out of the EU ends at midnight on 31 December.

The agreements reached will enable construction companies to continue to reliably forecast the cost and availability of products and materials imported from the EU or comprising components made in the EU. The mutual co-operation in respect of reducing technical trade barriers and co-operation at the border will also undoubtedly help to avoid some of the risks of delay and disruption.

In January we will not see the inflationary shock of tariff and quota introductions or the expected currency depreciation associated with a no-deal. This deal delivers certainty at a time when it is needed most.

The deal, which is said to run to 2,000 pages, still needs to be made law by both the European and UK parliaments.

The European parliament is unlikely to sign it off before 1 January – although it is still expected to come into force – while the UK government could summon MPs back from their Christmas breaks next week to vote on the deal, widely expected to pass because of the size of prime minister Boris Johnson’s majority and the fact it is set to be backed by Labour MPs as well.

World’s biggest crane completes record lift at Hinkley

The world’s largest crane, nicknamed Big Carl, has completed its biggest ever lift at Hinkley Point C.

Early on Thursday morning, when the wind was down, the crane carried out a 575 tonne lift as it installed the first of three massive steel rings at the nuclear power plant. The 17-metre tall and 47-metre wide ring was prefabricated at the Somerset site, and on its own weighs 382 tonnes. Gear used to secure the element took the total lift to 575 tonnes. The ring was placed onto 96 hydraulic jacks that lowered it into position.

Big Carl was made by Saerens in Belgium, stands 250 metres tall and moves on rails. EDF said it will eventually lift pieces weighing more than 1,000 tonnes. The ring is one of five pieces that make up the steel containment for each reactor.

We Buy Businesses London

We Buy Businesses London

If you’re looking to sell your construction firm, then we buy Businesses London, and may well be interested in yours.

If you’re looking to sell your Building or Construction company in London, then we would like to take a look at it !

We’re currently looking for builders for sale London, which includes anything from plant hire, scaffolding companies, to joinery companies for sale, in fact anything related for sale in the building industry.

We’re looking to buy businesses in London.

If you have a building / construction firm that you’re looking to sell, whether it’s profitable or not, let us know as we may be interested in buying it.

We’ve been looking for builders for sale in Enfield, London for a while now and are constantly on the lookout for businesses owners of building firms who may be looking to sell.

Having the conversation costs nothing, so just complete our Strategy Form.

After our recent acquisition of builders for sale in Enfield, London we’re after out next new purchase.

What happens when we buy businesses in London?

When we buy businesses in London, what we’re looking to do is retain the staff, add additional resources to the business such as marketing and accounting and help grow the business as part of the overall JLAW group.

So if you’re wanting to sell your builders or construction business in London, or you know someone else who has a builders for sale in London then let us know.

Our recent purchase of a construction firm in London

One of our latest acquisitions was Ambro Wilks in Enfield

builders for sale in Enfield

And another was Longshaw Construction in Essex

Building firms for sale in London

We’ll look at whatever you have, but what we would really like to purchase is more building or construction companies in London.

Sometimes, if you’re not sure, it’s about having that conversation to see what the opportunity is.

You don’t have to agree to anything, you just have to find out if it’s right for you, and the only way to do that is to speak to one of our professional and friendly team.

Should I use a Business Broker in London ?

We’ve worked with brokers before, and as with any industry, there are some good and some bad.

The one thread we’ve seen with all brokers however is that they can often set unrealistic expectations on what the business is worth, and so it sticks on the market for the next 3 years because it’s overpriced.  Of course they may do that in order to win the instruction, but then they don’t get the client the money they often need.

We can agree a sale in as little as 14 days !

Yep, we move quick, with an agreement in as little as 14 days, and a completion in as little as 6 weeks.  Imagine cash in your pocket just 6 weeks from now.

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Infrastructure key to industry growth next year

But Market View report warns firms to brace for rising costs of materials after Brexit.

Growth in infrastructure will drive the recovery of the construction sector in 2021, according to Mace’s last Market View forecast of the year.

The report called the government’s long-term spending commitments on infrastructure the “main ray of light” for the industry after a feeble recovery of new orders across the construction sector in the third quarter resulted in the weakest pipeline since 2012.

Major projects including HS2, Hinkley Point C, Thames Tideway and Crossrail have already helped infrastructure become the only construction sector in which output in the third quarter was higher than in the first, according to the analysis, while funding of £1.7bn for road projects announced in the government’s recent spending review will also bolster growth.

Heathrow expansion ban lifted

The Supreme Court has lifted a ban on the Heathrow Airport third runway scheme, meaning the project team could seek planning permission for the megaproject.

The ban was issued by the Court of Appeal in February, when judges ruled that the plans had been unlawfully approved by government. They said that Chris Grayling, who approved the scheme as transport secretary in 2018, failed to take into account the UK’s carbon commitments as part of the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

However the Supreme Court today ruled that Grayling did take the Paris Agreement into account and ensured that its obligations were included in the framework for the airport expansion. Judges at the UK’s highest court said that the framework, known as the Airports National Policy Statement (ANPS), was structured carefully to ensure that when the project was put forward for development consent, it was compatible with the requirements of the Paris Agreement that were up to date at the time.

The ruling added that future applications for development consent for the scheme will be assessed against emissions targets and environmental policies at the time, rather than any original targets that may now be outdated.

Builders for sale London

We’re on the lookout for Builders for sale London, so if you’re looking to sell your Building or Construction company in London, then we would like to speak with you – Builders for sale London.

The type of builders for sale London, can include all types of construction firms such as plant hire, scaffolding companies, joinery companies for sale, in fact anything related for sale in the building industry

Builders for sale London

We’ve just completed on our recent acquisition of two builders for sale in London

Ambro Wilks, Enfield

Builders for sale London

Ambro Wilks are builders in Enfield.

And the other one we purchased was Longshaw Construction, Builders in Essex. Here’s the link to that press release

Builders for sale London

What happens to Builders for Sale London ?

During those London Business Purchases, we managed to purchase the company and retain all the staff.

Not only that, but we’re also growing the businesses with an investment in infrastructure.

We can do the same for yours too.

Construction Business for Sale London

Do you have a construction business for sale London available ?

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Just start the conversation, and we’ll guide you through

When you first look at selling your business, it can be a very complicated process. So we’ll help guide you through it

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But we’re here to help, and so the easiest thing for you to do in order to start the ball rolling is to simply pick up that phone and call us, or complete one of our strategy forms and one of our professional and friendly team members can run through how everything works.

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Use our panel of solicitors

Not got a solicitor ? Not a problem. We can always recommend a solicitor from one of our tried and tested panel. This solicitor works for YOU, not us (They’re bound by legal code which means they have to represent your interests not ours)

One of the worst things you can do however is use a ‘family’ solicitor who has never sold a business before.

Or a property conveyancing solicitor can also slow things right down, or even scupper the deal altogether because of their lack of experience.

But don’t worry, just ask us and we’ll help advise you .

builders for sale in London

What happens when we buy a builders for sale in London?

It’s a good question.

For some owners, they’re not fuseed what happens, but that’s not often that happens.

Lets face it, for many people this is a version of an extended family, where they spend more time with their co-workers than they do their actual family.

And because of this, when people sell their building firm in London, they look to ensure that their colleagues will be well looked after.

And that’s good, because that’s exactly what we aim for as well.

Our goal here is to buy a business, keep the staff in place, and help the business grow onto the next level as it forms part of our group.

What this means is an investment in how the business is ran, along with a complete marketing campaign.

builders for sale in London

Our tried and tested marketing

Over the past few years, we’ve spent a lot of time and money working out what the best way to market a construction business is.

And because of that investment, it means that when we take on a new business, we can begin to implement what we’ve learned and help the business grow as part of The Jlaw Group.

Website Design Leeds

When we purchase a business, we also create a new website so that the business is fresh and up to date. Our website design Leeds business can create a professional looking website quickly.

Small builders face material rising costs

90% of companies reported material price rises

Small builders are face rising costs because of supply chain disruptions and rising product demand as Brexit looms, according to the Federation of Master Builders.

The latest State of Trade survey data from the FMB, found that 90% of small and medium-sized construction firms had reported rising materials costs – up from 78% in the summer.

The survey, which covered activity in September and October, found there were also key shortages in timber, tiling, white goods and PVC windows and doors, despite firms largely reporting a drop off in workloads.

While overall employment figures edged into positive territory for the first time since the last quarter of 2019, 29% of builders said they had  struggled to hire bricklayers, while one in four struggled to find carpenters.

Both these trades have historically had a high-EU migrant worker rate.

Construction gets another new minister

Kwasi Kwarteng has been named as the new construction minister, the fourth in less than two years, replacing Nadhim Zahawi who has been put in charge of the UK’s covid-19 vaccination programme.

Kwarteng adds construction to his portfolio, which includes a range of energy responsibilities, nuclear and green finance. He is the fourth person to hold the role in 21 months.

The MP for Spelthorne, who was first elected in the 2010 general election, has consistently voted in favour of HS2 and is already responsible for the government’s green homes grant.

His predecessor Zahawi was named construction minister in August last year having replaced Andrew Stephenson, now HS2 minister, who in turn held the job for just three months, taking over from Richard Harrington in April.

Harrington quit in protest at the government’s handling of Brexit. The former MP for Watford, who stood down at last year’s election, said a no-deal Brexit would have “widespread and long-standing implications for everyone” warning the economy could take 10 years to recover.

New business shows fastest growth in six years

Last month, the sector saw the fastest improvement in order books for more than six years, new Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) data shows.

Overall output activity rose to 54.7 in November from the 53.1 recorded in October. It remained below the 58.1 seen in July but the increase in new business volumes was much higher. Any figure above 50 on the index represents a growth in output.

The latest survey by IHS Markit and the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply found the increase in construction order books in November rose at their steepest rate since October 2014. This was said to be due to a recovery in tender opportunities and improving confidence among clients.

However, staff headcounts are still falling with some firms telling the survey they are still cutting jobs in order to reduce overheads.

Supply chains were also under pressure due to rising demand for construction products and materials in November. Survey respondents complained of transport delays and stock shortages. A sharp rise in timber prices helped put up input costs.

IHS Markit economics director Tim Moore said: “UK construction output stayed on a recovery path in November and there were signs that the main growth driver has transitioned from catch-up work to new projects. The latest increase in new orders was the strongest since late 2014, with construction firms reporting a boost from rising client confidence and the release of budgets that had been held back earlier in the pandemic.”

Housebuilding was the best-performing sector with a reading of 59.2, while civil engineering returned to growth after a decline in October, achieving 52.3. Commercial work increased only marginally, to 51.9.